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Problem Statement


Blockchain Application in Rural Value Chain

Currently there are many middle men present in farming business and there is no trace back of any Product's raw material(eg. Tomato used in ketchup Product). So you need to develop a system using blockchain where one can trace back any farming goods to its geographical origin, bread type, Date of harvesting and Reaping etc.


Monitoring of Pollutant present in air and water using mobile App

In many Geographical areas farmer uses fertilizers and pesticides in excess amount which result in water and air pollution near farming land. So you need do develop a device which will connect with phone and constantly update farmers about pollution level in farms.


Monitoring of Problems persistent in Cooking Fuel

Find out the problems persistent in anyone of the following cooking fuel resources and provide a solution for the same (keeping in mind the cost effectiveness and its applicability in rural India) Biomass
Solar Cooking

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