Fake mailing

Refer last article to understand more : playweb.eckovation.com/surajgurav/index.php/2019/07/24/emails-and-security/ We learnt how to remove, report Spam mails, now we are heading towards how to send a fake mail. Note that: 1. Sending Fake Mail is Crime and I am not responsible for What you do.. 2. If you even try to do this and anyone gives […]

Emails and Security

Email is very important Part of Our Life now, Now we use mail to handle various Accounts on Social medias, Shopping Sites, Educational Sites and Even Banking. There are around 28,19,951 mails sent per second in the world which is very large in number but Do you know that 67% of this mail is mainly […]

Empty Name in Windows..

If you ever wonder that We Create a folder in Windows and then if by mistake we haven’t mentioned the name it Give Prompt saying the name should not be empty. But in this Article I will tell 3 Different Methods Where you can Create a Directory without a name as Shown in figure So […]

google Dorks

Here is a List of Latest Google Dorks 2019. Google Dorks is mostly used over the Internet to Perform SQL Injection. Before Performing SQL Injection We Need to Find Vulnerable Website So, Google Dorks are the Small Codes that Spot Vulnerable sites Index in Google Search Engine. Many of Hackers & Cracker use Google Dorks […]


The way you search on google is just small content search and if you want search for large way you can use shodan.io Features below Explore the Internet of Things Use Shodan to discover which of your devices are connected to the Internet, where they are located and who is using them. See the Big […]

Noise Pollution Detection using IOT

Noise pollution has the most harmful impact on human or animal life. Noise pollution generally occurs due to the sound coming from honking cars, industries, factories, heavy machinery etc. Certain noise standards are prescribed by the government that need to be maintained.TABLE II. STANDARD NOISE LEVEL LIMIT IN DIFFERENT AREA The objective of our work […]

The Real Time Temper ature Sensing using Raspberry PI

Temperature has an impact on all the activities surrounding us. A precise determination of temperature is a vital factor in countless industries and differentfields of science. The temperature monitoring is crucial in lot of industries, like food industry, the workshop, and pharmaceutical industry and in environmental monitoring.Analog and digital Temperature sensors are avalaiable for sensing […]

Raspberry Pi Air and Noise Pollution Monitoring System Over IOT

In recent day scenario, the non-stop increase in air and sound pollution prove to be an big alarming problem. It has become mandatory to control and appropriately monitor the situation so that the required steps to control the situation can be undertaken. In this project, an IOT-based method using RasberryPi is used to monitor and […]