Watch: Blood moon — 21st century’s longest lunar eclipse


The total eclipse will last 1 hour, 42 minutes and 57 seconds

This live is over. If you would like to revisit it, the “blood moon” lunar eclipse live coverage is till about -37 min.

A blood-red moon dazzled star gazers across much of the world on July 27-28 when it moved into Earth’s shadow for the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st Century.

From the Cape of Good Hope to the Middle East, and from the Kremlin to Sydney Harbour, thousands of people turned their eyes to the stars to watch the moon, which turned dark before shining orange, brown and crimson in the shadow.

The total eclipse lasted 1 hour, 42 minutes and 57 seconds, though a partial eclipse preceded and follows, meaning the moon will spend a total of nearly 4 hours in the Earth’s umbral shadow, according to NASA.

The fullest eclipse was visible from Europe, Russia, Africa, the Middle East, and much of Asia and Australia though clouds blocked out the moon in some places.


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