Food Around The


FOOOD!!! The favourite part of anyone's life!! There are different types of food all around the world! Here I'm going to show you different cuisines all around the WORLD!!

Cuisines Around The World

Korean Cuisine

Korean cuisine comprises of rice dishes. Here meat, vegetables and seafood is also served along with rice. The most common dish is kimchi, and for many families it is served at every meal. Kimchi is cabbage mixed with spices or vinegar, put in clay pots, and allowed to ferment.

French Cuisine

French food was one of the first-world cuisines that traveled beyond the borders of its country of origin. The French meal is complete with bread, wine and cheese. Must tries of this cuisine include Escargot, Macarons, Baguette.

Indian Cuisine

Our very own Indian Cuisine is a blend of different flavours and spices from all around the country. Indian Cuisine is rich in sweet kinds to mark our sweet celebrations. We consume rice and roti as our major staple food along with a side curry. We can find different kinds of food ranging from amazing street food to tasty high end restaurant food. We are just a mix of many things!

Japanese Cuisine

The food of Japan is probably the most unique. Many ingredients used in dishes are simply not found in the food of other countries. The mastery of Japanese food relies on the freshest ingredients meticulously prepared. Seasonality is also a major factor in Japanese cuisine. The traditional Japanese cuisine is rich in fruits and vegetables. Japanese staples that are incredible for your health include green tea, antioxidant-rich yams, calcium-rich vegetables such as bok choy, iodine-rich seaweed, shiitake mushrooms.

Scottish Cuisine

In Scotland, food is heartier than in most places, and the local produce forms the primary ingredients. Venison, raspberries, seafood = form essential ingredients. You cannot forget the oatcakes, porridge, haggis, kippers and shortbread.

Spanish Cuisine

Spain is among those European countries where cuisine is not homogeneous. In Spain, cooking is defined by region. Generally, Spaniards do not eat much lamb and beef, preferring game meat and the amazing array of seafood available around the coast. The most famous Spanish food is probably tapas, which are deliciously tasty snacks that comprise complex layers of flavours

Thai Cuisine

Thai food is one of the most popular of world cuisines in recent times. Thai food is different from the Chinese cuisine most of us know and love. Even though the two use many similar ingredients, Thai food uses more noodle dishes, fresh herbs and broths. Unlike Chinese cuisine, there are a great many Thai dishes with vegetables in a thick extra rich source. Thai food’s main flavors are hot, bitter, sour and sweet.

Italian Cuisine

From the cheesy risottos to the crisp fried meats, Italian cuisine is a compendium of crowd-pleasing comfort food. Pizza originated from this country. The Italian traditional cuisine, which is prepared from such ingredients as olive, oil, Oregon, basil, parsley, tomatoes and garlic makes for health and hearty meals. The Italian diet is famously good for the heart too.