Eckovation is a product of the desire of its co-founders to generate meaningful impact in the society. It started with a Civil Society initiative named ‘Saras’ which they started during their college days. The objective was to provide quality education to children of poor families. This experience exposed them to the problem of scale, the fact that one teacher can meaningfully teach not more than 40-50 students at a time but the availability of quality teachers at ground level was extremely limited. If only, there was a way to leapfrog this problem.If only, one teacher could teach thousands of students. Being the problem solvers that they are, their response was, well, why not? This led to a technology-based quest which has now taken the shape of Eckovation.


Imagine a world where one could learn anything they wish to. A lot of potential of humans and society today, especially in a country like India, remains unfulfilled because people do not have access to the necessary knowledge and skills to create and achieve with their innate capabilities. This despite the same knowledge and skills being available with many other individuals who are more than willing to share the same with others.

The mission of Eckovation is to provide a common platform to all the knowledge bearers and knowledge seekers and create a bustling economy around the act of imparting learning. We are working towards identifying all the barriers that prevent a learner from learning and a learned from sharing her knowledge with the rest of the world.

With the advent of technology, it has become possible to solve the problem of learning at a scale, along with objective data-driven personalisation to keep in mind the individuality of each learner. Eckovation dreams of a world where the true potential of human ability is unleashed by unbarred access to learning.


The startling fact that there are more than 400 million mobile users in the country. Against this backdrop, mobile based learning platform (Eckovation) and ICT is used for providing contextualised and interactive video learning modules, continuous and comprehensive evaluation of students performance and cohort learning facilities to students involving use of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics. 

The scalable model to ensure quality education in government schools started in Banka, Bihar and upon proven success expanded in Jharkhand with the name Gyanodaya. The project is riding on enthusiasm of students and teachers of government schools in Banka (Bihar), Godda (Jharkhand), Chapra (Bihar) and Chandauli (UP)s.

“Mera Mobile, Mera Vidyalaya: Accessibility of education to the palms of the students”


The initiative aims to provide Quality School Education in India by leveraging technology with a focus on ensuring continuous monitoring and accountability in the system. The approach is towards institutional building and ensuring sustainability through capacity building of teachers and administration.

Competitive Exams

The students are preparing for various competitive exams like State Board Examination, IIT JEE , SSC-CGL, Bank PO, UPSC and RRB. AI based technology is used for tracking the performance of the student over a period of time for mentoring and counselling purpose.

Professional Courses

Under the Unnayan initiative, today students are learning General English, Reasoning and Aptitude skills along with higher software technical skills like Designing Websites, Programming skills, Android App development,Robotics and Machine Learning etc are provided to students through BOOTCAMPS in various districts

“The project has been recognised under the “Innovation” Category of Prime Minister’s Excellence Award for Public Administration, 2018 and is expanding in various states PAN India.”