Good Luck


Superstitions are founded on fear or ignorance.  They have no basis in reason, logic or science.  It is not possible to explain any superstition with the help of reason. Superstitions are not only found in India but rather found in almost every country, however the only difference is the superstitions vary from country to country.  Some superstitions are linked with the movements of the parts of the body.  If there is an itching on the right palm of a man […]

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Incredible India

We, as India, constantly talk about how to improve our GDP, And hence continuously apply policies to portrait ourselves as ‘developing and growing’, but are we actually growing?
Growing, I agree is to have our incomes and standard of living to increase, but what good is such a growth without the developm



Do you ever wonder why is it that every time we make some life altering decision it is always when we have suffered from something or when we are alone. Why is it not when we are happy and having the time of our lives? It’s because when we are happy, we are so comfortable in our situation that we don’t want to change that situation in any manner and we don’t want that moment to ever end because let’s […]

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Puppy Love

Is it puppy love? Is it trial love? Is it true love? It seems that most teenagers are getting involved with members of the opposite sex as a form of entertainment. But when getting involved with anyone it puts feelings on the line. A friend once told me that she was going out with a guy not because she loved him, but because she wanted something to do on weekends. When the relationship was over, she cried. Why did she […]

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You’re not alone!

We are all a little lost, in a world that is only temporary. This world was designed to break our hearts, don’t you see? We try to find our feet, searching for all the right things but instead we come across the harsh reality. We search for what makes us happy, reading posts that we can relate to. When people around you don’t have a clue as to what you’re going through. We tend to forget that we’re not alone, […]

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