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Ming Dynasty Chinese Tibetan gilt bronze Bodhisattva figure of seated Avalokiteshvara Buddha

In manifestation of Khasarpani. Cast in waisted posture, full eyes, with the face slightly smiling. Seated in royal ease position with right leg extended upfront. The palm of the right hand is supported on the moon seat, holding the stem of a red lotus, the petals blossoming next to the ears. The left hand raised at chest level in blessing gesture, both hand holding lotuses erected behind the elbows terminating the blooms at shoulder level. The figure is sumptuously dressed in an array of silk robes and wears pants decorated with finely drawn roundels. Adorned with many jewelry and her mandorla are created in relief. Extensive trace of gilt, with blue pigment on hair. The underside with incised Quatre-foil flori-form petals visvavajra mark surrounded the centralized DaiJi. Mark on throne pedestal, incised horizontal six script – KaiShu- characters, YongLe Reign Period of Great Ming Dynasty.
Dimensions: Height: 12 1/2″ Width: 8 1/4″
Medium: Gilt bronze
Date: Ming Dynasty
Condition Report: Over all in EXCELLENT condition. With normal anomalies in nature, sign of stressed surface, minor scratch & dents, and trace of declined on gilt; Normal, consider ages and wear. All lots are sold as is and where is. Lauren Galleries provides condition reports upon request to aide in your bidding decision. No statement regarding age, condition, kind, value, or quality of a lot, whether made orally at the auction or at any other time, or in writing in this catalog or elsewhere, shall be construed to be an express or implied warranty, representation, or assumption of liability. All sales are final, Lauren Galleries does not give refunds based on condition. Lauren Galleries does not perform any shipping or packing services. We do have a list of suggested shippers who gladly provide quotes prior to your bidding. Please visit our webpage for a list of recommended shippers.
Provenance: Ralph Dewey (1917-2017) of Indiana. Ralph obtained a bachelor’s degree from Indiana Institute of Technology. He went on to work as a chemical engineer for Edmont for almost 45 years until his retirement. He also served as Museum President and Secretary for Friends of the Library, Chairman of Edmont investment Committee and President for the Hospice Board. Ralph was passionate about his hobbies, which included collecting antiques. The Collections of Mr. Ralph Dewey presented and offered up to auctions from Lot-73 through Lot-87.


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