Aims and Objectives

Teacher Training college

Our Aims and Objectives


  • Personalized training through Integral Pedagogy and mentoring.
  • All round training that is intellectual, cultural, social, emotional, physical, aesthetic, moral and spiritual.
  • In-service training for teachers.
  • Use of IT communication media and innovative practices.
  • Documentation and Research.
  • Environment education for sustainability, and
  • Empowerment of subalterns including women.


  • To promote high standards of professional education in students so that they can use their potential to play a critical role in shaping the texture of society & nation as well.
  • Fostering innovative, responsible & systematic integration of technology in education along with humanistic skills.
  • Develop a good understanding, knowledge & technical skills to enable students to measure & manage performance in their concerned organizations.
  • Develop skills for logistic development of learner.
  • Develop skills in all the functional area of education & management by providing multiple opportunities for experience based learning.
  • Provide such education that will influence thinking and achievements at that work place.
  • Develop good conceptual understanding of contemporary skills & their application.
  • Give an insight into the financial aspects of a business operation.
  • Develop key management & tutorial skills.
  • Build necessary skills functional knowledge & attitude to enable students for smooth working in any environment.