Turtles All The Way Down

Turtles All The Way Down

Turtles All The Way Down

Aza Holmes is a 16-year-old high school student living in Indianapolis who struggles with OCD, often manifest as a fear of the human microbiome. Constantly worried about infection, particularly by C. diff, she repeatedly opens a never-fully-healed callus on her finger in an effort to drain out what she believes are pathogens. Throughout the book, Aza has two close friends: Mychal Turner, an aspiring artist, and her best friend Daisy Ramirez, who writes Star Wars fan-fiction.

One day at school Daisy discovers that Russell Pickett, a billionaire construction magnate and the father of one of Aza’s old friends, Davis Pickett, has gone missing in the wake of fraud investigations. Tempted by the reward of $100,000 for information leading to Pickett’s arrest, Daisy takes Aza on a search for the missing billionaire. After canoeing across the White River, and sneaking onto the Pickett property, they are caught by the security guard, who brings them to meet Davis.

After the meeting, Davis and Aza begin a relationship. In an attempt to persuade the two girls to stop pursuing the elder Pickett, Davis gives Aza $100,000 taken from his father’s various stashes around the guest house, which she splits with Daisy. At the same time, Daisy becomes romantically involved with Mychal. As time passes, Aza comes to believe that she cannot overcome her anxiety, preventing her from ever having a normal relationship with Davis. She finds numerous blog posts written by him about his feelings on both his father’s disappearance and his relationship with her.

Aza reads Daisy’s fan-fiction for the first time, finding that Daisy had been using it as a vent for her frustrations with Aza. Their friendship briefly deteriorates, culminating in a heated argument while Aza is driving that results in a car accident. Aza spends several weeks recovering in the hospital. The two rekindle their friendship once she is healed.

At an art exhibition inside an unfinished drainage tunnel system off of Pogue’s Run (that Pickett’s company was responsible for), Aza and Daisy go exploring on their own, where they finally solve the mystery and realize that Pickett had run to the very place they were. After noticing a bad smell emanating from the area, they suspect that the billionaire had already died. Aza tells Davis of their discovery. He places an anonymous tip to the police, who find the body.

Given the loss of their parents and home (their mother had died years prior), added with the fact that their father had left his entire fortune to his pet tuatara, Davis and his younger brother Noah decide to relocate to Colorado, where Noah would attend a boarding school. As Davis and Aza say their goodbyes, she reflects on the open possibilities of her future.

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