Tracing A Phone Call Takes Time

This myth is an action movie staple because it creates a nice, dramatic scene with a lot of tension. The good guys are on the phone with the bad guy. They have to keep him talking for X seconds before they can trace the call and find his location. And they almost make it…but, of course, the bad guy always hangs up just before the trace completes.

In actuality, most of the time, police know where you are as soon as the call starts. And this isn’t just for landlines, either. It’s also true for cell phones since nowadays networks are required by the FCC to have location-tracking technology for this exact purpose. The only time when the movie scenario works, kind of, is when the bad guy is using a stolen phone or prepaid phone. And even then it doesn’t take 60 seconds–because it’s not the 1980s anymore.

Explosions Are No Big Deal

Any good action hero worth his salt knows how to deal with an explosion: never look at it, jump in the air exactly when it happens and then get up and keep running. It doesn’t matter that the shockwave was strong enough to shatter buildings, cars, and other heavy stuff. When it comes to the human body, all an explosion does is propel the hero forward in slow motion.

As you might expect, in real life, that same shockwave would tear our hero to pieces. Even if his body remains intact, the shockwave doesn’t push him forward, it goes through him. This alone is usually enough to stop his heart.